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What sets off your “spider sense”?

Most of you know I’m old enough to remember Spider-Man before he was a TV and movie star.

He first came into my world as a cartoon character from a Marvel comic book, and, at the time, I thought he was cool – well, I was only in my early teens …

Anyway, of all his special powers, the one that most amazed me was his “spider sense” – you know, where he feels a strange tingling sensa-tion when something is wrong.

I liked that power because I’ve always felt I somehow shared it – that I also have a spider sense which gives me a **tingle**tingle** feeling when I hear, see or feel something’s not quite right.

Here are some things which set off my spider sense:

  • When the nurse says, “This won’t hurt a bit” – **tingle**tingle**
  • When the salesman says, “Sign here. You won’t regret it” – **tingle**tingle**
  • When I see all those 70-year-old-plus Chinese politicians without a single white hair on their heads – **tingle**tingle**
  • When Hong Kong’s former Housing Director retires at the end of his controversial tenure, during which local property developers received generous treatment and made billions of dollars easy profit, and is then almost immediately recruited as a director (on a nice salary, no doubt) by one of those property developers – **tingle**tingle**

Question: What makes your “spider sense” tingle?