The most peaceful place in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps. It’s hectic, congested and noisy.

Yet, within it, exist many calm and quiet places; and today I want to tell you about one of them, a chapel – but don’t worry, I’m not a religious man, and I’m not pushing religion here.

Sacred Heart Chapel

Sacred Heart Chapel

If you have a spare morning or afternoon, go to Central and head for the area called Central Mid-Levels. You can walk, but it’s all uphill; using the Central Mid-Levels escalators is much easier. The junction of Caine Road and Elgin Street is your goal.

Across the road (Caine Road) from that junction is a nondescript building and a pair of glass doors. The sign outside reads: Sacred Heart Canossian College of Commerce. The chapel – the Sacred Heart Chapel – is through those doors.

Inside is a reception area. Here, I would ask permission to look around the chapel; it’s open to the public, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Hidden (unintentionally, I presume) inside a square created by other buildings, the chapel cannot be seen from the streets outside; you wouldn’t know it was there.

The chapel, a white stone building with columns and balustrades, has been beautifully maintained; an immaculate architectural gem. Inside, however, is where you will experience the peace and quiet so rarely found in Hong Kong.

Inside the chapel

Inside the chapel

When I stumbled across this magical place (I was updating my photo collection of churches), I couldn’t resist sitting down. For fifteen minutes, I did nothing but soak up the silence, the tranquillity, the stillness. Finally, I took some photos and left. I didn’t experience a religious or spiritual epiphany – or anything resembling one – but my internal batteries had definitely been recharged.

Can anyone tell me – is there a more peaceful place in Hong Kong?

I doubt it.


One response to “The most peaceful place in Hong Kong?

  1. Thanks Phil. I have seen this place from above but couldn’t see how to get there. I will try again.

    Nice blog.

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