What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday, I felt pessimistic (see A lack of commitment?). Today, I’m in shock.

Overnight, Hong Kong has changed: it’s now a city with a law against racial discrimination – a law that even binds its own government!

Yesterday, the Legislative Council passed the new law and – in the process – sensationally stripped out the controversial clause exempting the government from being sued if any of their policies or functions was found to be discriminatory.

This morning, many government ministers and their supporters can be heard whinging after their unsuccessful battle to keep the clause in. Protests, dissent, dark words and mutterings of betrayal fill the air, and implied threats of non-compliance based on “impracticalities” have been reported.

I say give the defeated time to sulk and lick their wounds; they’ll come round. They have no choice. This law cannot be undone and they know that. They may even learn something from the unpleasant experience.

Being politicians, they won’t want to be seen as bad losers – that won’t win votes.

Yes, give the poor lambs some time.


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